“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

-Steve Jobs-

With that in mind here at Supreme Screw Products Inc we invest just as much in our technology as we do in our people. We are always updating and upgrading to stay ahead of the competition and continually educating our team to be the best.

Within our facility we utilize over 26 state of the art Swiss Screw Machines. Refer to the tables below for more detail. 


  • 1x   Tornos Nano

7 Axis /  4mm Capacity

  • 1x   Tornos Deco 10

11 Axis /  10mm Capacity

  • 7x   Tornos Deco 13

12 Axis / 16mm Capacity

  • 1x     Tornos Evo 20
  • 9x     Tornos Deco 20

12 Axis / 25mm Capacity

  • 7x      Tornos Deco 26

12 Axis / 32mm Capacity

  • Mori Seiki NT 1000

 11 Axis (5 Axis milling capabilities on both spindles)

  • Mori Seiki NTX 1000 SZ

  11 Axis (5 Axis milling capabilities on both spindles)

  • 1x      PM20 SPINNOMATIC Orbital Riveting Unit
  • 1x      E-Spinner
  • 1x      Air Feed Haskins Tapping Machine
  • 5x      Tumbling Barrels Harperizer  
  • 3x      Rubber Wheel Deburring Machines
  • 1x      V & O  30 Ton Power Press
  • Hydromat HW25’ 12 Rotary Transfer Machine           

1” Capacity